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Maryland State L-O-V-E

I’ve been playing around in InDesign, trying to create a fun way to show my love of the State of Maryland. I’ve been at it for a while, but have been super disappointed in the designs I’ve come up with. I saw a fun DIY post from Design That Inspires that inspired me to create a fun “I heart Maryland” print either for our home or my office at work.

Here’s what they came up with to show their state love:

{View their DIY}

They painted their designs, but I’m not talented with painting at all. So, I turned my funky InDesign work-in-progress into my own version of their super cute State Love project.

I started out by snagging an outline of the state off of the interwebs. Originally, I tried filling the outline with the names of cities and counties in the state. I haven’t completely given up on this idea yet, but it’s stumping me for now.

The outline isn’t too pretty, so I used the Live Paint tool in Adobe Illustrator to change the stroke of the outline to look a bit smoother.

I popped this image into Photoshop and quickly filled the white areas with a pretty shade of blue using the Paint Can tool. Then I uploaded the .PSD file directly into InDesign.

Back in Illustrator, I created a ruby-red heart using the Pen tool. This is tricky, but I learned how to better use this tool in an Intro To Illustrator class I took recently.

I copied this heart into InDesign and dropped it right over Columbia! Added my favorite new font, Mossy, to the top… and Voila!

It’s too cute and not terribly difficult to do.

Plus, I really do love Maryland. Best state ever!


11 thoughts on “Maryland State L-O-V-E”

  1. I saw an idea for a project kind of similar! People cut hearts (or whatever) out of maps for significant places in their relationships and put it in like a three part frame…you could do the beach where you and brian met, columbia where you dated, and the town you got married in? love your blog 🙂

  2. If i paid you for some of these crafts..would you make one of these for me? And mail it? I would love something like this for my apt or my office! (even though my office is like Maryland-ed out)

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