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I am notoriously bad at remembering to go to the eye doctor. I never seem to remember to schedule an appointment until I’m down to my last pair of contacts. Whoops! Last time I went to the eye doctor I had to read off the eye chart. Normal, right? Well I managed to embarrass myself with this seemingly easy task. My eyes are really bad, so it was no surprise that I couldn’t see much past the giant “E.” But as I read each line with my left eye, then my right eye, I kept calling the “Z” a “2.” After the third time of calling out a number instead of a letter, my doctor asks, “You know there aren’t any numbers on the eye chart, right?”

Needless to say, I felt like a total dummy.

Onto my most recent design project. I’ve seen a few posters here and there with messages in the shape and style of the classic eye chart. They are pretty fun, so I created a few myself.

The key to this project is font size and the kerning between each letter. There needs to be a visible shift in font size in each line as you go down the page. In addition, you’ll likely have to play with the kerning (spacing between two individual letters) to get the lines to look just right.

Here is one I designed to go with the Love Prints I showed you all a while back:

For this design, my font started at 150 pt, then dropped to 100, 75,  50, and 23. Yes, 23. That’s what looked best to me for some reason.

This one I designed using a new font I just installed on my computer called Mossy. You can download the font for free (and a ton of other fun fonts) from


Bahaha. That cracks me up.

These fun eye charts take about 10 minutes once you figure out the font you like and what you want to say!

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