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Sentimental Lyric Art

I showed you guys some lyric art I designed a few months ago and have wanted to do something similar with the lyrics from mine and Brian’s wedding song. We did a choreographed dance to Train’s Marry Me — nothing tacky, just a planned out ballroom dance with a few twirls here and there.

I was so proud of us when it came to our first dance. We took lessons at Stars Studio for all three of our dances: our first dance, the father-daughter dance and the mother-son dance. My neighbor Jolene owns the studio and her daughter Hannah is an amazing dancer and instructor. Hannah was awesome and choreographed a dance for us (pretty much on the spot while she was teaching it to us!). We had to practice so much, and the hubby was a bit nervous (I should add that doing a choreographed dance was his idea! I was totally shocked that he’d want to do something like that). Hannah also taught our parents and us how to do simple box steps so we didn’t look silly just swaying back and forth.

At our wedding the music for our first dance started a little early, so we were thrown off a bit at the beginning. After we got ourselves back on track we rocked it and were totally adorbs.

Mushy, mushy, mushy… I know :p

Anywho, I want to hang the lyrics to Marry Me in our new house with a few photos from our first dance. I’m thinking of matting it in a big silver frame. Totally cute? I think so!

Here’s my frist crack at making art out of the words.

I think it’s a fun reminder of our special dance that we worked so hard to perfect. I want to play around with the fonts a bit. I used Zapfino (the scrolly/swooshy font), Cambria and Chaparral Pro. The numbers at the bottom are Baskerville, which has really classy looking numbers (or so i think).

Here’s another version with a few different fonts. I wasn’t loving how much Cambria I used in the frist version, so I added in a few more fonts: Noteworthy, Spongy and Lesser Concerns.

Which version do you like better? I can’t decide!

Did you do something creative to remember your wedding song (or any other aspects of the wedding, for that matter)?

15 thoughts on “Sentimental Lyric Art”

  1. The second one. For some reason, the Serif fonts are too harsh for me in the first one.
    I didn’t know Hannah taught dad and Robin too. FUN!
    I have no wedding stories. I will never get married lol. Gonna make a great AUNT tho 🙂

  2. Found this post via craftgawker. It inspired me to make a word art with my boyfriend’s favorite song, Staind’s “Believe”. I’m actually quite happy with it, and can’t wait to give it to him. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I walked down the aisle to this song and it was perfect! I love what you did with the lyrics. What great memories!

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