A quick dresser update

My neighbors gave the hubby and I an old dresser they no longer needed and it works wonderfully in our guest bedroom. It wasn’t quite my style though, so I decided to do a quick and easy update to make it fit in a little better with my taste and the room. What was the best way to do that? New knobs, of course!

I picked up 10 new knobs at Hobby Lobby (the same place I picked out knobs for my last dresser refab) and went to work removing the old ones.

Two down, eight to go! Changing knobs is super easy, if you ever want to try it. All you have to do is remove the existing knobs, pop in the new knobs, tighten the nut around the screw, and hacksaw off the remaining screw! Doesn’t it sound simple!?

The new knobs make a big difference. Now I want to do something fun to the top! I’m thinking about decoupaging paper onto the wood veneer. Thoughts?

I love pretty knobs 🙂 And, this little update only took about 10 minutes.

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