A wonderfully meaningful gift

Brian and I got married seven months ago (tomorrow) — my how time flies! We just received one of the sweetest gifts of all times from my grandma Becky. As I’ve mentioned before, Becky is an awesome quilter. She was kind enough to make us a signature quilt from our wedding, a creative spin on a guest book. Well, she finished the quilt and gave it to us over the Easter holiday. It is gorgeous and definitely something we will treasure forever.

We did have a traditional guest book at the wedding that my momma made us and that we’ve already read through a couple of times. But these messages were new to both of us, and boy were some of them funny.

A monster peeking over a fence (a joke from when my sisters and I were little), from my uncle Mark (who I call Lumpy… looooong story).

A sweet drawing of Chester (Remmy is there, too… but I cut him off in the photo).

A friendly football reference from my cousin Laurel (a Steelers fan), mainly meant for the hubby (a Ravens fan). At least we’re both in the same conference?

And (one of my favorites), a sweet note from my sweet cousin Garrett.

There are a ton more funny ones, along with many many loving words from our friends and family. It’s basically the most meaningful gift ever. We love it.

Thanks Becky!!!


9 thoughts on “A wonderfully meaningful gift”

  1. Thanks, Jess. I loved making it for you and Brian. I’m glad that you like it and are enjoying the messages.

    1. Hi there. I would like to make a guest book quilt and wanted to know how to do it? What did people sign? Did u make the blocks or just the white strips and piece it later? Any special treatment of the fabric to help with signing the fabric? Any advice would be appreciated! Thx. Lovely quilt.

      1. Hi Karin,

        People at the wedding signed pieces of fabric using fabric markers — I don’t think my grandma treated the fabric first, although I could be wrong. The pieces were pre-cut so she could sew them into the quilt.

        I hope that helps!

      1. Thank you – to you and your Grandma for sharing the original photo. It was a beautiful quilt. I loved the applique, but my god-daughter wanted the photo used in theirs. Thanks again for the inspiration!

  2. What a pleasant surprise to see my design pop up on Pinerest. I designed that quilt for Quilter’s World Magazine back in 2011. Carolyn S. Vagts, Editor of Quilter’s World Magazine and the designer. Thank you!

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