Home Improvement

Emily and Dana’s room

I joked with my little sister and best friend that when we bought a house we’d get a room for each of them. We soon realized that we didn’t need a house large enough for each of them to have their own room, especially since Dana lives 15 minutes down the road haha. So the girls agreed that they could share a room.

Well, when we got our couch on Friday we were pleasantly surprised that they were able to deliver our new bed as well. It wasn’t supposed to arrive for another two to three weeks, so we hadn’t even cleared a space in our room for the new mattress to go. We still happily accepted our new mattress and rearranged our rooms accordingly. Now we actually have a bed in our guest bedroom and the hubby and I finally have a queen-sized bed! And, it’s a pillow-top! Ahhhhh, it’s wonderful.

Back to the point of the post… with our new mattress in our room, we were able to put our full bed in the guest bedroom. It’s actually an almost finished room now! We still need to hang things on the wall, just like we need to do in the rest of the house, but I’m pleased with how the room is turning out.

Isn’t the bed beautiful!? We received the entire bedding set as a wedding gift. It’s so prettttty.

We have a dresser in the room that I plan to eventually update a bit.

We moved our piano into the guest bedroom as well.

Now we just need some artwork, and Emily and Dana’s room will be complete! Em already stayed in her new bed!

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