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An almost finished room

Our family room renovation is finally drawing to a close. I say “finally” with a tinge of sadness because I really enjoyed redoing a part of our home. In fact, I can’t wait to begin a new home renovation (the hubby and our wallets can totally wait, though)! I have my sights set on the bathroom on the same level as our family room. It is by far the most dated part of our home and would be relatively inexpensive to redo since it is so teeny. Plus, it should probably look just as sweet as the family room it services. But, that will have to wait for a little while.

Anyway, without further delay, here are some of the final touches to our family room:

1. Our finished wine rack: The hubby DID NOT want me to paint the wine rack. He also doesn’t want me to paint his TV shelf. Clearly, he lost the battle of the wine rack. (The jury is still out on his TV stand). I didn’t mind the color of the wine rack before it was painted, but Glen used MDF to construct the wine rack. MDF doesn’t look like a final product should, so I had to paint it. I went with white instead of the blue/green of the walls, and I’m very happy I did. I like that the rack pops out and says, “COME LOOK AT ALL THE WINE I’M SO GRACIOUSLY STORING FOR YOU UNTIL YOU WANT TO DRINK IT!” It was a pain in the butt to paint (of course it needed two coats of paint, too), but it was definitely worth it. When we get our bar, you won’t be able to see the shelf full of liquor at the bottom and part of the second wine rack. It’s going to look totally baller 🙂

2. Our TV stand actually has a TV on it: The TV shelf looks a lot less massive when it actually has a television sitting on it. I’ll be honest and say that I hate that we didn’t plan for cabinet doors. Brian did that purposefully because he likes looking at all of his electrical equipment, but I think it looks a little tacky. Maybe someday we can add doors to the front. Either way, the cabinet looks pretty darn perfect in our room. Now we just need a bigger television! We actually joined Costco this past weekend and might be getting a sweet 60″ TV from them. Excitinggggg.

3. Our mantel is painted: I know I’ve already gone on and on about how much I love our fireplace… well, with our mantel painted white I love it even more. It looks fantastic.

4. We have a couch (and a rug, and decorative pillows, and curtains… OMG): Check out our super sweet new couch. We picked it out from Gardiner’s and we’re really happy with how it looks in the room. We were a little worried that it might not be big enough, but it fits in the room perfectly. It’s great because it’s made from  micro suede, so it’s pretty much dog proof. It also has a queen-sized pull-out bed, which will be great when we have guests over!

We also picked up an area rug (on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond for $50!!), throw pillows with birds on them (I adore birds), and neutral curtains.

We still need an end table and either a coffee table or an ottoman, but our room is looking pretty fly.

Add our bar in front of the wine rack and no one is ever gonna leave. Muahahaha.

I should add a picture of the room coming down from the stairs… maybe later.

The room still needs a few things, like photos on the walls and such, but we can actually use it as our family room. I can’t even believe how far it came. From a cramped little family room covered in paneling and a long and skinny fourth bedroom to a gorgeous, large family room… it suits us perfectly.

7 thoughts on “An almost finished room”

  1. I really like the color scheme you went with for the living room. I’ve been following your posts since you moved in (not stalkerish or anything, right? lol). Anyway, I didnt think I was going to like the wine rack painted but it looks really good against the white molding. I would definitely put doors on your TV stand. And if you do paint it, maybe you can do a darker wood finish? I dont know if you plan on getting a coffee table, but I would stain it the same color as that.

    Keep posting! 🙂

  2. This freaks me out. It looks all grown up and stuff :-/
    It’s really super cute, though and I love all your millions of shades of blue. obviously.

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