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Funky Font Office Decor

I am totally digging the trend of using the ABCs and 123s as art around the home and in the office. I guess the writer, journalist, designer, etc., etc., etc., in me totally geeks out when I see people playing around with fun fonts. Aren’t these fun, though?

I keep seeing these fun displays of letter and numbers popping up all over the interwebs and I’ve been itching to try my own, so I threw together a couple of examples of ways to play around with the many funky fonts available.

I kept the two designs similar so they can be paired together.

If you like these designs, feel free to download them! Or you can make your own. I definitely want to see what you come up with!

I’m gonna have to print these for my office. As the writer, editor and sometimes designer for my department, it seems rather fun and fitting to have these pieces of art for my office! They’ll look super cute in a black, matted frame.


1 thought on “Funky Font Office Decor”

  1. Is that green one family bdays or something? I can’t figure out what the pattern’s supposed to be. Super cool. You and B should have one 🙂

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