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A lovely shade of gray

How am I not sick of painting?

This past weekend I painted even more of our house. I’m not sure where I found the motivation to do so, but on Saturday I painted the top half of the dining room and Sunday I painted the remainder of our first floor. I have to say that I love the gray even more than I thought it would.

Our dining room has the two tones of gray, and the rest of the first floor has the lighter shade of gray. I originally was only going to paint the dining room… then I decided I’d finished that wall and the wall with our bay window…

Then I figured I might as well just paint the rest!

What do you think? I’m happy that all of the builder’s grade beige is no more (minus the upstairs hallway and the bathroom in the basement). As the cool-color person that I am, I’m extra happy to be rid of the warmer-toned beige and to have a house is full of cool colors… blues, greens, purples, grays, and a grayish brown. *Sigh of relief*

Next weekend is Easter weekend and the hubby and I have plans for both days, so I doubt there will be time to paint. But who knows, I just might attempt to paint that hallway. It wouldn’t be too crazy at this point.


3 thoughts on “A lovely shade of gray”

    1. Hi Jan,

      I used Gentle Rain and Porpoise from Behr. I get their paint and primer in one and it usually covers in two coats. Gentle rain is the lighter of the two grays and Porpoise is on the bottom. They are right next to each other on the Behr paint chip sample.

      Hope that helps!


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