Home Improvement

Painting naked

When we bought our house we had no blinds, and, consequently, no privacy — especially at night. Our realtor joked with us that we’d be fine for a while, as long as we didn’t paint our house in the nude. Well, it’s been almost a month since we’ve moved in and we finally have blinds on some of our windows! We decided to wait on blinds for the family room since we couldn’t install them with the room under construction and we also passed on ordering blinds for our bay window. We need roman shades, but gosh are those expensive. Still, we ordered blinds for the rest of the windows on our first and second floors. We picked out 2″ faux wood blinds from JustBlinds.com and the hubby finished installing them this weekend.

Installing the blinds was only tricky at first, then Brian seemed to get the hang of it. He really loved hanging up the blinds in the kitchen… he fits so nicely above the counter!

Tall man in a little space.

The faux wood blinds look really beautiful and weren’t terribly expensive. And, it’s nice to have privacy again.

The look beautiful in each room (this is our office, if you can’t tell), and they really help darken our super bright home in the mornings.

Love, love, love.

When our story in the Post came out last week I sent it to our realtor and he responded: “I am glad that you left out the part about the naked painting parties!”

Now that we have blinds, let the naked painting parties begin… Just kidding. I’ve pretty much painted every room in the house already (yes, while fully clothed) 🙂


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