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Two bathrooms in two days

I’ve been busy these past two days. I painted both of our upstairs bathrooms, one purple and one blue. For our guest bathroom, I used gothic amethyst.

We originally bought this paint for our bedroom, then we changes our minds at the last minute. I think it looks beautiful in our bathroom. I picked out a white shower curtain with white mats and towels. It’s very spa like!

For our master, I picked a light blueish green. I originally wanted to use this color in our family room, but both the hubby and dad said it would be too bright. I hate to admit it, but I think they are right.

I picked Behr’s Lime Light. I love it. If I were a color, this is the color I would be.

This bathroom is super small, so it didn’t take too long to paint. The hardest part was taping everything. Oh, and painting behind the toilets. F-U-N.

Anyway, I love our master bathroom. I picked out a, ivory, waffle-weave curtain (not in the picture since the paint is still drying). I LOVE IT.

I also bought paint for our family room and kitchen. For our family room we’re painting a shade darker than our master bathroom. We chose Behr’s Contemplation.

For our kitchen we chose Behr’s Sanctuary.

I’m sure the hubby will be excited to have a color other than blue in the house. Also, it’s definitely way greener in real life. It’s going to look great against our granite and cabinets.

All in all, I would say my spring break was rather productive. Guess what we’re doing this weekend… more painting! Aside from a sore finger, I’m not upset about that at all.


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