Spring Break, woo!

Today is my last day of work before my five-day, spring break weekend! Like I mentioned yesterday, I’m going to Virginia Beach for the weekend to hang out with my cousin Eryn and her family. Eryn is an awesome photographer and is going to take photos of a bunch of the jewelry I’ve made over the years. This trip is coming at the perfect time because the online boutique I use to list my jewelry is shutting down, so I’ll be switching over to Etsy and will need some awesome photos if I want my inventory to be noticed. Honestly, it’s about time to make the switch. Etsy gets so many more viewers than my current site. Better late than never!

Eryn bought a light box for our photography-filled weekend, so I’m really interested to see how that works. I’ve read a lot about light boxes online, but I’ve never used one to photograph, well, anything. It should be fun to try it out. I suspect the pictures are gonna be great. Certainly night and day compared to the photos I’ve taken with my point-and-shoot camera.

I’m hoping to have tips to share when I come back. I come home midday on Monday, and then it’s painting, painting, painting (if the hubby and I can ever agree on a color). We’ll probably end up with a gray since that will match the upstairs. Speaking of which, here are a few photos of our main level with furniture! It actually looks like a home, minus the fact that the walls are totally bare.

Here’s our dining room. We’re painting this a light gray on top and a darker gray on the bottom. Our table fits rather nicely and matches the fan. Remmy’s food doesn’t look so hot — I think it’ll end up downstairs once the family room is finished. We’ll see.

Here’s our living room. It’s totally cramped with all of our furniture, but we are giving the white couch to my sister this summer, so it will work for now. This room is getting the same light gray paint as the top-half of the dining room. It looks a lot better without a bazillion boxes chilling in the middle of it.

And here’s our kitchen, fairly cleaned up. We didn’t originally think we would paint the kitchen, but with all of the electrical work we had done we have to. What color would you suggest? I was thinking a nice green, but I’m up for suggestions! Maybe you could find a color the hubby and I can agree on! That would be an amazing feat.

Once I come back from Virginia Beach I’ll finish up the organization of the kitchen and get the rest of the crap off of our counter tops. But I’m honestly impressed it looks as good as it does. We have a ton of kitchen stuff!


I forgot to tell you all how sweet our neighbors are. They came over last weekend to give us a house warming gift:

They got us a bottle of wine from the vineyard where we were married. AND, they picked a wine that shares its name with the hubby’s football team. Go Ravens! It was super sweet of them. I’m so happy that we have nice neighbors 🙂

And because I can’t help but show off a beautiful vineyard wedding photo since I brought it up… this is one of my favs. I can’t believe we’ve been married for six months as of tomorrow!

Gotta love the rolling hills in the background. It was a beautiful day.

3 thoughts on “Spring Break, woo!”

  1. Congrats on the 1/2 year anniversary! Your wedding was super-fun! The strawberry wine they served was great.
    Kitchen color suggestions: Robins Egg Blue, Macaroni and Cheese, or Burnt Sienna.
    Check the Crayola website for more ideas.

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