Home Improvement

Spring, is that you?

As it continues to get warmer and stay warmer, I get more and more excited for spring. We started seriously house hunting in October/November, so it was the dead of fall. We looked at more than 30 houses, all without leaves on the trees or flowers in the gardens. I just know our house and our neighborhood are going to look completely different once there are leaves on the trees in our front and back yard. The flowers are beginning to pop up and our trees are getting mini leaves, and I just can’t wait. Plus, with spring almost here it means I can plant a garden soon! Mmmm… fresh vegetables!

Here are a few photos of our pretty flowers:

Pink Hyacinth
Purple Hyacinth (before they bloom)

As you can see, we have a lot of hyacinth! They are beautiful and I love them. I get super excited each time a new one pops up. It’s totally nerdy, but whatevs.

Any recommendations on pretty flowers to plant? I kind of want a hydrangea bush and maybe a fruit tree. That would be awesome.


On the home improvement front, we did a few things here and there. The hubby cleaned the house today. He is awesome. Glen sanded the family room, so it’s pretty much ready to be painted. He leaves for a vacation on Saturday, so we have 10 days to paint the entire room before he gets back to install the floors, granite hearth (which we pick up tomorrow!), TV cabinet, molding…. and anything else we think of. Luckily, I have Monday through Wednesday of next week off work — gotta love working at a university and getting a few days off for spring break — so I’ll be painting a lot then.

We also went to Home Depot tonight to buy a new shower head for our master bathroom and frosted window film for our guest bathroom window.

We unfortunately don’t have the best water pressure in the house, so the previous shower head didn’t quite cut it. It had a mediocre stream of water. This one has a much better distribution of H2O. And, it’s prettied.

We looked for new shower knobs, but Home Depot didn’t sell any individual knobs that we could find. Right now we have the icky plastic ones. If we are stuck with those, I want to revamp them like one of my favorite bloggers (Becky @ Infarrantly Creative) did to her faucet knobs:

I’d label mine “hot” and “cold,” instead of using the knobs as a reminder to be clean (if we’re int he shower, obviously were remembering to be clean!). It’s such a great idea! Much classier than the typical plastic knob.

What else, what else… I ordered shower curtains today for our various showers. Here’s a helpful tip: If you install a curved shower rod, you very well might need a longer curtain — and those are a little limited in selection and you seem to have to buy them online only. I bought a white, waffle-weave curtain for our guest bath (extra long) and an ivory, waffle-weave curtain for our master bath (stall size). The neutral curtains will be great. Now I can paint the bathrooms whatever colors I want!


This weekend I head down to Virginia Beach to see my cousin. she and I are going to experiment with taking photos of jewelry! I’m very excited for my visit. Hopefully I’ll have some fun photos to show when I get back.

I’ll try to do a blog post while I’m there, but who knows! Pictures of some of our moderately assembled rooms to come tomorrow. AND, as soon as I get my craft room assembled (it’s unfortunately rather low on house priorities right now), I’ve got some great craft ideas I will share!

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