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The Mattress Mishap of 2012


So I know I promised pictures, but I can’t seem to find our camera from the move. Good news though –Target finally delivered my point-and-shoot camera that I ordered almost a month ago! Yay! That means I can take pictures tonight!

This weekend was great (minus a not-so-minor mishap I’ll explain later). We moved a bunch of our stuff over on Saturday, then moved the remainder of it on Sunday using the Re/Max truck. We have a couch from hell (it’s massive with a queen-sized mattress in it, so it is super heavy to move!), but it wasn’t too bad to move this time around. I guess after move number three, we’re getting used to the beast.

Saturday and Sunday were full of unpacking. Lots of unpacking. Then arranging things. Then unpacking more. Then rearranging things. I think I’ve rearranged the kitchen three or four times already. We got our fridge, microwave and dryer on Saturday and they look great. The kitchen is finally a kitchen. AND, we went grocery shopping! Yay for normal food!!

Yesterday, I painted our guest bedroom. It took forever to paint, which is odd because it’s not that big or a room. But it looks fantastic. The color turned out great. While I painted, the hubby and Glen hung drywall in our family room  and our electrician came back to install fans in our bathrooms and a light in our cave shower.

The best part of our weekend had to be on Saturday when we had a small mishap moving our mattresses.


The Mattress Mishap of 2012

Brian wanted to move our mattresses over to our new house on Saturday instead of waiting to use the moving truck on Sunday. The thought of finally staying over at our new place sounded great to me, so I said I was down for mattress moving.

Someone (*cough cough* the hubby *cough cough*) decided it would be a good idea to move our mattresses in the back of our pickup truck without tying them down (you can see where this story is going). And, in an effort to fit as much stuff possible in the bed of the truck, we leaned the mattresses upright against the hubby’s desk. I should say now that I knew this was a bad idea. In fact, I knew it was a terrible idea. I questioned the placement of the mattresses, but we went with it anyway. Poor choice. To add to the bad decisions, the hubby packed the cab of the truck so high with blankets (to cushion his computer) that we couldn’t see out the back window to make sure the mattresses weren’t flying away.

So, we’re cruising down the highway when, all of the sudden, the hubby starts shouting various expletives (use your imagination, I’m sure you can imagine his words of choice). Turns out the mattresses flew out of the back of the truck (who saw that coming?! Oh right, EVERYONE!). The mattress landed in the merge lane of the highway and the box spring flew into the median.

Hubby: “@$#^%#$%#@#@%$%^&^%&*^@#$!”

Me: “What’s wrong!?!?!”

Hubby: “The mattresses just flew out of the back of the truck!”

Me: “WHAT!?!”

Hubby: “We have to get the mattresses!”

Me: “You’re crazy! I’m not running out into the highway to get mattresses!”

Hubby: “They’ll cause a car accident. Get out and help me now!”

Me: “My dad is going to be so mad when he finds out you had me running across a highway to get a stupid box spring!” (Not sure why this was the angle I took for not getting the mattresses… but either way it didn’t work.)

So we get out of the car and the hubby tries to stop traffic so he can drag the mattress out of the merge lane. It was surprisingly successful. Meanwhile, I’m standing on the side of the road desperately trying not to make eye contact with anyone driving by because at the instant the mattresses flew out of the back of the truck we became “those people.”

With the mattress off the road and next to the truck it was time to run across the highway to retrieve our box spring. So we did just that — we ran, and quickly. And then we ran faster, box spring in tote, back across the highway.

The best part of the story is that we obviously couldn’t continue driving with the mattresses in the bed of the truck the way they were before, so we had to leave the hubby’s desk on the side of the road. This is particularly funny because the desk is rather girly (it used to be Brian’s mom’s desk — he’ll kill me for telling you that) and should never have been used by a 12-year-old boy, let alone a 26-year-old man. We need new desks haha. So with the desk on the side of the road, the mattresses in the bed of the truck (flat this time), and the hubby’s desk chair wedged on top to keep the mattresses from flying out again, we continued our trek.

Thank goodness no one got hurt. The mattresses withstood their trip down the highway (surprisingly enough), the desk was later retrieved by the hubby (Darn! I refused to help.), and the only real casualty was the desk chair (it snapped from the pressure of holding the mattresses in the bed of the truck).

Moral of the story: If you put mattresses in the back of your truck, please tie them down.

I took pictures of the sad chair. When I find my camera, I’ll show you all. It’s rather sad and funny looking.

Updated photos:

Here are photos of the hubby’s sad, broken chair.

Sad husband.


Other than our mattress mishap, we’ve made our move. Yay for being done and not moving for a looooong time.

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