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Why don’t crabs give to charity?

Because they’re shellfish! — Joke brought to you by the hubby, who thinks he is very clever and told this joke at least five different times this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, we are both so tired it is unreal. I don’t even know how I am typing this post. But, this weekend was incredibly productive.

First and foremost, we had our fence installed. Now we can bring our crazy pup over to the house! The guys at Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence Co. were at the house bright and early on Friday morning and didn’t leave until after 6 p.m. And the fence is beautiful.

Here’s the yard before we cleared out the lower limbs in the back tree line.

Here’s the yard cleaned up a bit.

And here is our sweet, new fence!

It’s glorious!

Aside from the fence, we bought more supplies for our family room, including a new door and a steel support post for the center of the room.

And I painted. All. Weekend. Long. I finished painting the office with the help of my step dad, who was able to cut in beautifully around the molding without having to tape! It was very impressive. I painted my craft room with help from my best friend. And I painted the first coat of paint in our bedroom. So. Much. Painting.

Our office looks amazing. It is so classy. I love it.

The white looks very nice with the blue. AND, the hubby and Dad installed shelves in the office nook! Look at our built-in bookshelves!

Here’s my super bright craft room (it’s really hard to take a good picture of this room… but it’s a teal accent wall surrounded by a light teal). I didn’t think I would ever be finished painting this room. It took ages, but it was well worth it.

And here’s our bedroom. We couldn’t figure out what color to paint it…

And we chose…. none of those haha. We ended up going with a shale gray, which is a very bluish gray color.

I think the plan is to go over after work tomorrow… and paint some more. One more coat in the bedroom, and then I think we’re done painting until the family room renovation is complete.

Family room update: Floors should be in tomorrow, granite should be ready to pick up on Thursday. We have most of the supplies. Our electrician comes Thursday to figure out the wacky wiring in the house.


Now, I’m going to sleep. Hope you enjoyed all of the pictures!


4 thoughts on “Why don’t crabs give to charity?”

  1. I agree with Emily. I have to check it every day. You are going to have a beautiful house and yard when you finish. Lucky Remmy. He’s going to love that yard.

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