Some epic Valentine’s Day cards

I made a wonderfully adorable Valentine’s Day craft, but I can’t show you all until I give it to the hubby tomorrow.

SOOOOO… here are a bunch of cute/funny/awesome/crafty Valentine’s I found on the interwebs that I wanted to share with you all.

No. 1: Pooping unicorn Valentine

This card would be perfect for my co-worker, Amy. A card with a unicorn that’s pooping a rainbow candy. Awesome.

No. 2: The funny journalist cards

As a recent j-school grad, this card is particularly humorous. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

No. 3: The Deck of Cards Valentine

This is the card that keeps on giving…. What could be cuter than a card that is a card for all 52 weeks of the year? Or a card made from cards! This is such a clever idea… and not too hard to make. Hop on over to the PaperVine to check out the tutorial.

No. 4: You’ll Do

This card speaks for itself — totally hilarious.

No. 5: The SomeECards card

My hubby might get into trouble with this one haha. But it’s pretty funny ;p

No. 6: The paint chip Valentine

SO CUTE! And practically FREE!

No. 7: Honey Badger Valentine

Haha this one is my favorite.

And, to be only slightly mushy, I actually got to shop in the Valentine’s-Day-cards-for-husbands section! {geeks out slightly}

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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