Crafty people

The people in my life are super crafty, so today’s post is showing off their immense talents. I am so proud of them all!!

No 1: My crafty step mom

My step mom made a beautiful Valentine’s Day wreath for her front door. She miscalculated just how much fabric she’d need, so she made me one, too. How lucky am I? Look how cute it looks hanging on my office door!?!?!

No. 2: My crafty best friend

My best friend is a different kind of crafty — she is the master of all things baked good. Her creations are simply amazing. Check our her Valentine’s Day truffles!!

This one is her “Love Potion” truffles… Strawberries, champagne and dark chocolate = HEAVEN.

And here is her Red Velvet Cake truffle topped with heart sprinkles!!! (**girly squeal**) SO CUTE! And amazingly tasty.

And look how cute they are together… the perfect Valentine’s Day chocolate duo!

And her creative baking talents don’t end there. Homegirl makes the best cakes ever. She made my wedding cake (chocolate cake with raspberry filling) and she’s made a bunch of fun cakes for other occasions. Check out this sweet cake she made for a coworker’s baby shower. His son is named Luke:

I am incredibly proud of all the hard work and pride she puts into her desserts. And I’m envious of the creativity she has with food. She tries to teach me, but it doesn’t quite rub off. Oh well… I’ll leave the baking and chocolate making to the pros.

Side note: Doesn’t she need a blog!? I’m working in it, no worries. She has so many fun delicious creations to share!

No. 3: My crafty big sister

My older sister Allie is a wonderfully creative writer. She is one of my biggest inspirations for my blog because I’ve been reading hers for years now. Check out her sweet blog, A Teaspoon of Life, and I guarantee you’ll chuckle at her posts. She posts about her life, her dog, books she’s read and food she makes — and she does a fantastic job. And, with her upcoming wedding, I’m sure she’ll start sharing wedding projects with her readers. Can’t wait!

No. 4: My crafty Momma

My mom is the world’s best scrapbooker. She made the hubby and me a HUGE scrapbook for our wedding and she made our guest book!

No. 5: My crafty grandma

My grandma Becky is a super talented quilter. She is making a wedding signature quilt for us (we’re so lucky :D) and when my sisters and I graduated we received university-themed quilts. GO TERPS!

And my brother received an AWESOME Ravens quilt for Christmas. GO RAVENS!

No. 6: My crafty little sister

Last, but certainly not least, comes my sister Emily. Check out the adorable coaster set she made for the hubby and I for Christmas.

We love scrabble, so these are perfect!!  They are almost too cute to use. And check out the coaster storage/picture frame! What a creative idea 🙂

The moral of the story is that I am surrounded by some incredibly creative and talented people. It doesn’t hurt that I also work in the creative department of the business school. There will never be a lack of inspiration for blog posts with these guys around!


5 thoughts on “Crafty people”

  1. Thanks for the compliment! You certainly have a lot of crafty people in your life and you’re not bad yourself! Everything is really cute and Dana’s treats, as always, make me drool. I agree. She definitely needs a blog.

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