Ribbon and Chain Necklace

I was inspired to make this ribbon and chain necklace by a post on by Quiet Lion Creations. They made a fabric and chain bracelet out of fabric scraps and craft store chain. I actually had a bunch of old chains lying around that I couldn’t decide what to do with until I saw this post, so I quickly decided to try my luck with this project.

I used ribbon in my necklace instead of fabric scraps, so I picked the chain with the smallest links. I figured I should save the larger links for fabric scraps later on down the road. I found a wide-eyed needle and threaded the ribbon through.

I started off by placing the needed through the end link of the chain and tying a double knot. Afterward, I threaded the needle through every other link in the chain. At first I tried every link, but it wasn’t laying quite right.

I kept doing this until I had threaded the ribbon through the entire chain.

An important note, try not to get your ribbon tangled in itself. Once you get to the end of the chain, tie another double knot! Cut off the end of the ribbon, and you are good to go.

Next time I might try to thread in some beads. That might be a fun addition to this cute necklace.


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