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Project 7: Bulletin Board (part 1)

We’ve been beautifying our suite at work and in the process have cleaned up a lot of our clutter. I snagged this bad boy before it was tossed and have been holding onto it ever since. Look at all that grime. *vom*

Yes, that’s right… it is one nasty, old bulletin board. It looks like it was part of a cubicle, which is odd because we don’t have cubicles. Either way, it’s rather gross looking and is just screaming for a new look.

First, I had to take it apart. I removed the screws, pried off the old velcro, and then removed all of the staples and fabric.

Remmy is fascinated by the drill.

This took forever… but the uncovered board looks to be in good condition, minus the staple and thumb tack holes. Now, I’m on the hunt for some fabric to give this board some new life.

I’m also hoping to eventually frame out the board… crossing my fingers for some sweet power tools for my birthday 🙂

Check back for updates on this project!

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