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Project 5: Coaster art

My father-in-law passed away a year and a half ago and my hubby’s mom has generously given us many of Grant’s personal belongings to incorporate in our home to help us remember him every day. Among the things she gave us were a few of Grant’s collections, including a coin collection, a collection of chess pieces and a bunch of old coasters he collected when he was overseas in Germany. I’ve kept these things in my craft room, waiting for inspiration on how to display them in our home.

I had an old record frame sitting in my craft room, so I decided to frame some of Grant’s coasters for us to display. It was a simple project, but I think the finished product looks great.

Here’s what I used: Coaster, brown wrapping paper, hot glue, record frame.

I cut the brown paper down and laid the back of the record frame on top.

I folded the edges over the back of the frame to get a clean look from the front — the record frame doesn’t leave much room for error. Almost everything in the frame is shown, including the edges.

I made sure the paper fit into the frame nicely before I started adding the coasters.

I originally intended on gluing the coasters to the paper and spacing them out by eye, but they fit so tightly in the frame that I decided to do it the opposite way. So, I laid them out in the frame the way I wanted them to appear in the frame.

Once I got it just right, I started to add hot glue to the back of the coasters.

I quickly placed the paper on top of the coasters until they were all secure.


Once it cooled down, I secured the backing of the frame back on. Check it out!

It is going to look great hanging up in our home, and it’s a great way to remember Brian’s father and all of the quirky things he collected.

Love it.


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