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Project 4: Vintage Flower Magnets

Here’s another quick and easy project to do with magnets.

I’ve been holding onto a set of vintage flower pins trying to decide what I’d like to do with them. The pins are very beautiful and colorful, but they were too heavy to pin to a thin sweater and I don’t own the type of coat that they would look cute pinned to.

So, I decided that I would turn them into magnets and give them to some of my coworkers to dress up their offices (I work with a lot of women — don’t worry, I didn’t force flower magnets on the men.)

So, here are the three easy steps to creating magnets from old pins:

1. Remove the pin backing from the decorative flower:

This is the only tough part of the project. Some of the pins were more stubborn than others. I used pliers to bend the metal back and forth until it broke. On a second pin, I tried cutting through the metal, but the first way worked a little bit better — probably because my pliers aren’t that great.

2. Apply hot glue — if you have old pins, they are often made of metal. Be careful because the hot glue will quickly heat up the pin.

3. Slap on your magnet and voila!


My coworkers loved the magnets — what old pins do you have that you could recycle into something new?

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