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Project 2: Foyer Mirror

I spent my Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday doing some serious crafting. I added a bunch of new items to my jewelry store, which always takes forever, and I did a little bit of thrift store shopping. I got these two gems:


I spent $15 total on both pieces — a total steal if you ask me. The stool is particularly neat and has all sorts of  storage for sewing notion. It will go perfectly in my craft room once I get around to it.

Today, I tackled the mirror. I sanded it down first, with some help from the hubby.

Next, I painted. I went with black since it will match with everything. Three coats later….

I decided it needed something else, so I added an ‘S’ to the crest of the mirror. I actually bought it for another project, but I really liked the idea of it on this piece because in theory it will go in the foyer of our new home whenever we move! The knob was something my mother-in-law gave me that she found around her house. I think it looks great! Can’t wait to hang it up in our house.

So, what do you think?

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