Paper flower arrangement

I went to Hobby Lobby to buy one knob and left with my knob and a ton of fake flowers. Hobby Lobby has the best flowers. I especially love their paper flowers, which don’t look real, but also don’t look like they are supposed to be real.

The best part about the flowers was the price! Each sprig was 80¢ on clearance.

Hobby Lobby Flowers

I scooped up all of the clearance flowers to make an arrangement for our family room. I wanted to use the vase that we used as our unity candle for our wedding. It’s been sitting in our guest room with the half-burned floating candle collecting dust. Instead of filling the vase with the glass marbles that often accompany floral arrangements, I decided to use corks. We got married at a winery, so it made sense to use corks with the vase for that reason. Plus, I have so many corks! So, corks were both creative and cost effective!

I tried out my plan before cutting any of the flowers down.

Flowers too tall in vase

Once I decided that I liked the cork and the flowers in the vase, I cut down the stems to fit.

Flowers cut

Then, I started to put everything together in the vase. This was easier said than done because the corks didn’t really want to fall nicely in line. First I tried stacking them so everything was in a vertical line. Five tries later… I gave up on this method.

Corks in vase

I opted to stick the flowers in first, then just toss all of the corks in and let them naturally fall into place. It seemed like the only other method to try, so I just did it over and over again under they fell a way that I liked.

Flowers close up

Here’s what I came up with:

Floral Arrangement

This picture took forever to take because someone kept getting in the way….

Rem and flowers

This was after he stole a cork and ran away with it, forcing me to chase him under our kitchen table. The joys of having a mischievous dog. Thanks, Rem.

Anyway… I love how this turned out and that it is secretly sentimental. If you look close you can see the inscription from our wedding. You can also see little specs of the green stem.


For now, the arrangement is living next to our television. I want to jazz up this space a little bit so it is less black.

Flowers by tv

We’ll see if it drives Brian nuts having a few sprigs in front of the TV.


If you see any clearance sprigs at your local HL, pick ‘em up! They add such a nice pop of color and a fresh look to a room.

A wedding and a birthday

My friend (and sophomore year roommate) got married last weekend! She looked beautiful. We had a wonderful time celebrating Liz & Chris last weekend.


This weekend we celebrated our little buddy Declan’s 2nd birthday!


Is he adorable or what? It seems like we were just celebrating his first birthday yesterday.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Bride and Groom figurines

OK, OK, OK…. I promise after today I will stop talking about wedding stuff and Chicago. But give me one more day. You won’t regret it.

First of all, if you want to see some of the most amazing wedding pictures EVER, check out the professional photos from Allie and Stanton’s wedding. Holy amazing.

If you want to see the most amazing wedding craft ever, keep reading :)

I wanted to make my sister something for her wedding and was totally inspired to make her bride and groom figurines after trolling craftgawker one day.  I saw these adorable wedding cake toppers on Crafts Unleashed, and although they did s’mores and no cake, I knew I had to make them.

To make these figurines you need to buy little wooden body forms at a craft store.


Hobby Lobby only had men figures, so I just used that and they turned out great. Take your time and carefully paint each figurine. Seriously, this takes so much patience. And a tiny paint brush. But mostly patience.

I painted the dress and white part of the tux first, then layered on the darker colors. I did the hair last so I could continuously grab the little head to paint the body. I let the body dry before moving onto the hair.

Wedding people

When I was done painting everything, which took a couple of hours, I added a veil using leftover tulle from my neighbor’s wedding veil.

Wedding people 2

A small dab of hot glue and some careful placement — my bride doll had a veil!

Wedding people 3

I ended up giving these to Allie early, so she put them at her and Stan’s spot at their wedding :)

Wedding people 4

So stinking cute :)  I wish I had made a set for the hubby and I for our wedding.


My sister got married

My sister got married on Sunday and her wedding was amazing. Here she is at the rehearsal with her hubby, Stan.  Are they cute or what!?


And since I was in her wedding, so that’s the only picture I have of the bride and groom together haha.

Isn’t my sister a beautiful bride? They got married in Chicago (I’ll post pictures from our trip tomorrow!) at Promontory Point, which is right on the water. There was dancing, deep dish Chicago pizza, LOTS of wine, and even s’mores!

Sister head shot


Allie’s wedding was all about the DIY. She made time capsules for them to open on significant anniversaries. She made boutonnières, centerpieces and place card holders. She made a “Mr. And Mrs.” sign for their table. We even all made the bouquets for her wedding. She was so creative with all of her touches, so it really felt like her personality shone through with her wedding.


We all wore white, which I was skeptical about, but it looked fabulous. Especially with our red lips and red bouquets!

So pretty

Congratulations, Allie and Stan. Glad I could be a part of your special day!

My sister is getting married!

My sister is getting married!

Look what we got in the mail this week. I love wedding invitations. They can be so creative and beautiful, and Allie’s truly is both. Love the red feather accent!!!

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A wedding celebration for my sister

Here comes the bride…

Allie and Stan

Well, not quite yet! My older sister is getting married in September, so we threw the happy couple a wedding party this weekend. Think wedding shower, minus the girly touches since we invited the men. It was so much fun! There was a ton of food, lots of yard games (I played 4 hours of volleyball!) and a beautiful cake for the beautiful bride-to-be.


We did peacock colors throughout the house because my sister loves peacocks and the blues and teals. The decorations were super simple and mostly purchased off of Etsy. Gotta love supporting small businesses!

We ended the night with some indoor games and some sparklers. I’d say it was a successful day.


The next time I see my sister, she’ll be getting married!

Umbrella shower light fixture

My coworker Rachel gets married a month from today, and yesterday we threw her a surprise bridal shower at work. I was in charge of gifts. I also had to make an umbrella light to tie in with the shower theme. My other coworker found the idea on Pinterest and showed us at a secret shower planning meeting. Another coworker even had the busted umbrella.

I’m embarrassed to admit that even though I’ve been blogging for more than a year now and totally know how this whole before and after thing works, I TOTALLY forgot to take a picture of just the light. I was too excited about the surprising.

Anyway, to make your own umbrella light, you need an umbrella. And lights.


Carefully remove all of the fabric from your umbrella so it’s naked and rather dangerous-looking.


Spray paint the heck out of your umbrella. I went with white because my lights had a white cord.


Let your umbrella dry and touch up any spots that didn’t get adequate coverage. Be careful because those spokes can be dangerous!

Next, wrap your umbrella with lights however you please! You can see the light hanging from the ceiling in the upper right corner of the photo.


And again, in the middle of the photo.


I think it would look even cuter in a rustic sort of setting and not a stuff conference room.

Rachel loves chocolate, so we had a ton of chocolate goodies: Fondue, brownies, mousse…. we even had Dana (Little King’s Confections) make a chocolate cake with strawberry filling. How pretty?!


Rachel was DEFINITELY surprised — especially since she thought she was wayyyyy late for a staff meeting.


Rookie move not getting a picture of the light by itself, but here’s another photo of the light, the cake and the bride-to-be.

UmbrellaCongrats, Rachel! Glad we were able to totally surprise you :)

Wedding album and just life

Guess who finally gave the approval to have their wedding album printed — we did!! I can’t wait to see what Stephanie from Angelina Photography created for us. She was an amazing photographer and I would definitely recommend her if you get married in the D.C., Maryland or Virginia area.

Check out her site here – she also takes amazing family photos, which we will definitely be calling her for down the road :) But not quite yet! And if you want to see the fun post she did about our wedding, you can check it out here!

I’ll definitely snap a photo of our album when it arrives because I know it is going to be stunning.

Other than wedding album excitement, it’s been a busy week for me. Between the wedding last weekend, having both of my sisters in town, work this week, and helping out with family stuff…. well, there just hasn’t been much time for crafting! I guess that is how life goes, though.

I did want to wish my step mom a wonderfully happy birthday — we celebrated last weekend and her actual birthday was Tuesday.

The hubby and I are going to a pumpkin carving party tonight, then I plan on crafting my heart out this weekend. I’ve got a lot of projects in the works that I can’t wait to share! One involves an old dress, another involves an old game, and another involves marbles!

Have a great weekend!

A disappearing weekend

What a fast weekend! My sisters are both in town for a wedding (congrats, Ryan and Amber!) we had a great time last night, but boy are this weekend and this visit wrapping up too quickly.

For now, we’re gonna go get pretzels at the mall and the the hubby and I are gonna watch the Ravens game. I probably won’t have too much time to craft until tonight, but I don’t mind :) I love it when my sisters are both here!





A wonderful anniversary

Our one-year wedding anniversary was yesterday and was truly wonderful. The hubby and I waited for 12:01 a.m. on Sept. 17 to roll in to exchange our gifts — we were so excited to share what we made for one another.

I got Brian a set of computer books, made him a digital scrapbook of our honeymoon, made him bookmarks for his new books, and made him a Ravens tray. He made me a dozen paper flowers (**heart melts**) and got me A NAIL GUN!!! BEST. HUSBAND. EVER.

Look at these  beautiful flowers… I seriously think they are my favorite gift ever. My husband is the most amazing crafter alive. So impressed.


And then there is my nail gun. Yes, for our first wedding anniversary I got a nail gun. Yes, that is EXACTLY what I asked for. And Brian said he wouldn’t buy me one. I thought I was getting jewelry. Ha! So much better. SOOOOO excited to use this.


To celebrate our anniversary we had a yummy breakfast — french toast and sausage… mmmm, what a treat on a Monday morning! Then we looked outside and saw a purple flamingo waiting for us near  our mailbox. This same flamingo, which is dressed as a groom, appeared at Brian’s mom’s house the night before the wedding. A bride flamingo appeared at my mom’s house. So cute.


Then, we packed a lunch and headed out to Frederick, Md. to hike Sugar Loaf Mountain. It was a gorgeous day for hiking and the mountain was so pretty.

Check out this crazy car in the parking lot!

And look at this crazy castle house we saw on our drive! Holy cow.

The hike was great. We had a lot of fun.


To end our anniversary, we headed to Aida Wine Bar in Columbia to celebrate. I had the most delicious steak ever. EVER.

And of course, we had champagne out of our wedding flutes :) I love champagne.

What a wonderful day with my wonderful hubby.